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Michael Pachter: Console market may collapse in the future

He doesn't see a bright future for consoles.


In the latest episode of Michael Pachter's podcast, called "Pachter Factor", the analyst offered his impressions on the future of the console market, and according to him, as Pachter said in response to a Twitter user's question, there's a big risk that this market will collapse in the near future.

"Console software is gonna move off consoles... in the next two to three years, you're gonna have the opportunity to download to your PC and play on your T.V... in the next 10 years you're gonna download to your phone and play on your T.V.," he said.

According to him the growing PC market and mobile technology could significantly compromise the console market, which may even disappear, and this would mean giants like Sony and Microsoft would have to rethink their strategies. He also recently stated that we should expect the next generation of consoles in 2020, however, which seems to clash with these claims.

Do you believe that the console market will disappear?

Thanks, Gamerant.