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Dynasty Feud

4-player smash brawler Dynasty Feud coming to PC and PS4

Launching on Steam in less than a month.

Dynasty Feud will launch on Steam on May 23, developer Kaia Studios has just announced. It was also confirmed that the 2D brawler, which looks like a blend between Nidhogg, Super Smash Bros. and Flat Heroes, will also release on PS4 later this year.

Besides the obvious local or online four-player rivalry, the game adds a couple of twists to the genre by introducing the titular dynasties (that is, 40 characters with weapons and powers based on eight clans such as pirates, cowboys, ninjas and the like), as well as dynamic levels which are destroyed as the combat unfolds.

Kaia Studios ran a successful beta phase and now is ready to deliver the final game for around $15 dollars/euros. Here's teaser trailer and a couple of screens:

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Dynasty Feud
Dynasty FeudDynasty Feud