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Total War: Warhammer II

New Total War: Warhammer II trailer talks about the Vortex

Ian Roxburgh fills us in on what exactly the Vortex is.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

A brand new trailer for Total War: Warhammer II has been released and provides a commentary on the Vortex, described as "the centrepiece of the narrative, the gameplay."

"Join Game Director Ian Roxburgh as he talks us through a detailed look of the Great Vortex that has swirled for millennia above the elven homeland of Ulthuan," the video description says. "Performing a series of arcane rituals, each race must save or disrupt the Vortex according to their motivations - a struggle culminating in a cataclysmic endgame."

This trailer is mostly about narrative, but Roxburgh also talks about the map, gameplay, and races in his commentary. What do you think the sequel needs to do to better the original?

Total War: Warhammer II