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Heroes of the Storm

You can get 20 HotS Heroes for free just by logging in

There are four bundles to choose from.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

As detailed on, Blizzard is celebrating the release of the huge 2.0 update for Heroes of the Storm with Mega Hero Bundles, one of which you can get for free just by logging in.

"Whether you're a grizzled MOBA veteran, or you're not quite sure what "mid lane" even means, Mega Bundles make it easier than ever to dive head-first into the Nexus," Blizzard writes. "Each bundle contains 20 Heroes, and has its own unique theme. The best part? We're giving you enough free gems to unlock the Mega Bundle of your choice once Heroes of the Storm 2.0 goes live in your region after April 25!"

Once the patch goes live you'll get enough gems to buy one bundle, but there's a catch, as once you buy one, the rest are locked - you can't even pay to get them. You'd better choose carefully, then, as there are four bundles available to you, those being Assassins, Flex, Support & Specialists, and Tanks & Bruisers.

The offer will be running until May 22. Is this enough to entice you into Heroes of the Storm, if you weren't playing it before?

Heroes of the Storm