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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV update ensures stable frame-rate on PS4 Pro

Timed quests also return.

Square Enix has announced a new update coming to Final Fantasy XV on April 27, next Thursday, which will be welcome news to those of you playing on the PS4 Pro, as a new 'stable mode' will be added to the console, ensuring stable frame-rates.

The developer is also adding more subtitles, and increasing text size in places, so if you're squinting at the screen a lot, this should help. Timed quests will also be started once again as well, featuring a new ranking system and a "wonderful weapon" as the reward. On top of all of this car stickers will be added too, along with new songs on the music player.

Have you had issues with PS4 Pro frame-rates?

Final Fantasy XV

Thanks, Gematsu.