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Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R is getting three new skins

And it's now running at 60 FPS.

At the beginning of this month Konami revealed that free updates will be coming for their Switch game Super Bomberman R, and now we've received a little bit more information about what to expect.

Three new skins will be coming to the game, these being Vic Viper from Gradius, Belmont from Castlevania, and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, and these were the three favourites Konami showed in a teaser a couple of weeks ago (which again raises the question: is Konami bringing back old video games?). We still don't know when these will arrive, but it's good to see them still working on the game.

This morning Super Bomberman R also received an update, and it's now running at 60 FPS. Is this more important than the cool skins though?

Super Bomberman R
Super Bomberman R
Super Bomberman R