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Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is "Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft in space"

We talked to Ghost Ship Games about their upcoming co-op shooter slash mining title.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

We caught up with Ghost Ship Games founder and CEO Søren Lundgaard to learn more about their first game, co-op space mining shooter Deep Rock Galactic.

"It's a co-op first-person shooter", says Lundgaard of the basic premise. "Four players playing together against the computer. We say it's a little bit like Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft. With Left 4 Dead it's the action gameplay, revive, survive against hordes of enemies. And Minecraft it's like exploring caves, deep underground, mining for precious minerals. And then we've added in this layer of you being in space working for the company Deep Rock Galactic sent down deep into procedurally generated caves and try to get out alive."

The conversation also covered things like the various classes and the fiction, as well as the road map that lies ahead for the game that aims to be launched in Early Access later this year.

"We'll probably stay in Early Access quite a bit of time, before a full release", says Lundgaard.

"It's going to take a while. We call it open development. Everything about the game right is streamable and people can put videos out and talk about it and whatever. And we want to see players play it and look at that and say 'okay, that's some new ideas we get there' and see if we can put it in."

Lundgaard also mentioned that using Unreal Engine means that console versions aren't far off and they're updating controller support as the go along, but console versions are something they'll actively work towards once the game has spent some time in Early Access and has taken more shape.

Deep Rock Galactic

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