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Ape Out

Ape Out is "all about primal escape"

We spoke to Ape Out developer Gabe Cuzzillo at PAX East influences and mechanics.

  • Text: Ford James

Ape Out is a very stylish, jazz themed top down beat 'em up where you play as a gorilla on his mission for freedom. Avoid being shot at as you grab your captors and use them as both weapons and shields to crush everyone who stands in your way.

At PAX East, we spoke with Gabe Cuzzillo, the brains behind this unique Hotline Miami-esque brawler to understand exactly what the game is about:

"Ape Out is all about this primal escape, this fight or flight reflex. One key difference to Hotline Miami is that the levels are randomised, each level is unique and has a unique shape and unique elements to it, but the placement of the guards and the geometry is randomised every time. That lends itself to a more improvisational game, you're not going to be memorising level layouts or guard positions, every time you have to be reacting to whatever you find in the level."

Hotline Miami isn't the only game Ape Out has taken inspiration from. Cuzzillo mentions both Teleglitch and Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine as being huge influences on the style of the game.

"It's a forced perspective, so the walls seem really tall. It's actually all done in 2D and that's intentionally blocking your vision where you wouldn't be able to see. I think it's a unique approach to the idea of top down games where you can't see through walls."

Check out the full interview below, and look for the full release this summer.

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