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Microsoft learned lesson after Xbox One's complicated launch

"Hopefully things will be much better with Project Scorpio."

Microsoft's Vice President, Yusuf Mehdi, has recently published a detailed post on his LinkedIn profile, where he expressed some thoughts on Xbox One's very first presentation and launch, both of which marked a particularly difficult period for the company. In particular, Mehdi has recognised the many errors that Microsoft had made in that delicate phase, and in particular, he wrote:

"Balancing your business objectives with the needs of your customers is one of the biggest challenges you'll face, but if you really focus on doing the right thing for your customers, you're on the path. Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing and that will be the truest test of your values as a company and your commitment to real customer-centricity."

"We've experienced these challenges ourselves with Xbox. With our initial announcement of Xbox One and our desire to deliver breakthroughs in gaming and entertainment, the team made a few key decisions regarding connectivity requirements and how games would be purchased that didn't land well with fans."

"While the intent was good - we imagined a new set of benefits such as easier roaming, family sharing and new ways to try and buy games, we didn't deliver what our fans wanted. We heard their feedback, and while it required great technical work, we changed Xbox One to work the same way as Xbox 360 for how our customers could play, share, lend, and resell games. This experience was such a powerful reminder that we must always do the right thing for our customers, and since we've made that commitment to our Xbox fans, we've never looked back."

"So, it's quite obvious that Microsoft has learned its lesson and listening to players' needs is always important. Hopefully things will be much better with Project Scorpio, but we'll find only in the near future."

Which lessons in particular do you think that Microsoft need to make sure they learn?