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EA responds to FIFA 13 issues

Letter to BBC after Watchdog feature.

  • Text: Mike Holmes


The BBC broadcast a report on Watchdog last month which highlighted issues that some gamers have had with FIFA 13 since its launch at the end of September.

Several issues have rendered the game unplayable for some users, with consoles crashing, and players and balls vanishing.

In an open letter to the BBC, EA Sports said: "We have already delivered improvements to FIFA 13 to address issues in online connectivity, addressed key issues in game modes like Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team, and are actively addressing customer issues related to transactions in the game that have not been executed properly, such as missing coins or FIFA Ultimate Team items. Since we released a major update to the game on October 19, we've seen reported game crashes and other issues drop by more than half."

"We have received reports from our fans of rare occurrences where the ball in the game does not appear. Our team continues to investigate these rare events and we will communicate directly with our fans once we have more information."