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Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 featured in Square Enix's Spring Surprise Box

And there's three mystery games too.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

If you're a fan of mindless destruction, high-octane action, and big explosions, chances are you'll have heard of Square Enix's Just Cause 3, and Square Enix are giving Just Cause 3 in a bundle called the Spring Surprise Box, which will only set you back £9.99.

As revealed on the Square Enix website, though, that's not all that's in the box, as there will also be three mystery games. You can pre-order the box from now until 17:00 GMT on March 27, next Monday, and the code distribution (aka the big reveal) will occur the following day.

What other three games are you hoping for?

Just Cause 3

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