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Elex mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements in its open world

Producer Michael Paeck takes us on a tour of the upcoming RPG.

We got a look at open world RPG Elex from producer Michael Paeck at PAX East.

"It's an open world RPG very much like Fallout or The Witcher series," says Paeck. "The special thing about this one is the setting. We call it science fantasy, so what we're trying to do is to put both science fiction and fantasy into one game world."

The developers Piranha Bytes (known for Gothic and Risen) aim to be ready with the game this year and it is due out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

If you paid close attention you'll note the gameplay towards the end doesn't quite match what we're talking about as we had to use a bit of b-roll where the capture card failed us. Our appologies.