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Battlefield 1

DICE explains Ammo 2.0, coming to Battlefield 1

Resupply changes are inbound.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

DICE recently introduced changes to Battlefield 1 meaning that grenades aren't resupplied as often, and over on Reddit the studio has explained that resupply changes aren't stopping. In fact, this is just the beginning.

"The grenade resupply changes have been quite controversial, and I've seen a lot of posts asking "What was DICE thinking!?" So I'm here to answer that for you, and invite to discussion," the post reads. "The grenade changes that we tested a few weeks ago in CTE and recently released with Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass are a very small part of a much larger system we've been calling Ammo 2.0 internally."

"Ammo 2.0 is a complete rework to the resupply mechanics of Battlefield 1 that at its core is intended to increase the utility of the Support class. It should always be helpful to have a Support with ammo gadgets around. As side effects to this system we also get much more freedom and levers to tune how often gadgets can be used beyond just max ammo count and resupply time."

The issue with resupplying, for DICE, is that it can lead to the overuse of gadgets, and therefore needs to be limited, however, it shouldn't "require players to sit on a box for an excessive amount of time, else redeploying with full ammo becomes a more attractive and efficient option than actually resupplying."

The solutions coming in Ammo 2.0 are then outlined. "The core of Ammo 2.0 is a shift from ammo gadgets being the only way to resupply, to a cooldown based system with ammo gadgets modifying cooldowns. The cooldown based resupply shifts the benefit of the ammo box from long term to short term. With the cooldown giving small amounts of ammo over the long term, we can reduce the starting ammo of many gadgets, making having ammo most important during a fight instead of after. In many ways the Support's ammo gadgets will become something like the offensive counterpart of the Medic's healing gadgets. Passive health regen will allow a player to survive without a Medic in the long term, but in the short term the Medic gadgets are critical to winning fights. We want support to multiply the effectiveness of other classes. For example, 2 Assaults supported with ammo should be better at taking out tanks than 3 Assaults without Support. Bringing a proper squad composition with complementary roles should be stronger than brute force stacking a single class."

There's plenty of other changes, as detailed on Reddit, but Ammo 2.0 is the big one. Do you think resupply changes are necessary?

Battlefield 1