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Gamereactor UK

Could Game Freak be looking for Pokémon Switch designers?

Job listings have got the speculation going.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

As reported by Kotaku, a number of job listings have yet again excited speculation that a Pokémon game could be coming to the Switch.

Game Freak, a company known for developing Pokémon games, has advertised for a character modeler, with the job lasting until May 2018. The job will be for an unspecified title and requires experience making characters for Wii U and PS Vita. This isn't the most intriguing part, as the job responsibilities included "monsters" and "exaggerated toon style," which sounds a bit like Pokémon. It's also listed as a "consumer game," meaning it's not for smartphones.

The studio is also looking for a 3D computer graphic designer, and even more tantalising is the detail that whoever gets the job will be "involved with developing a RPG that's popular worldwide."

Are these listings convincing you of a Pokémon game coming to Switch, or are you sceptical?