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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Don't expect Nathan Drake in The Lost Legacy

"We're not going to touch on Nathan Drake in this, at all."

  • Text: Sam Bishop

A recent post on the PlayStation blog revealed some more details about Uncharted 4's expansion The Lost Legacy, and we learned a bit more about the characters and why they were chosen.

In terms of why Chloe specifically was chosen, writer Josh Scherr said: "She's an interesting character with a darker moral compass compared to Drake. They're both treasure hunters. Drake has a bit of a hero complex, but Chloe looks out for number one, first and foremost."

"In all of Uncharted, Nadine is probably the most rational and practical character we've ever introduced," he continued. "She tends to take a direct approach."

"Chloe would need somebody with military expertise," Creative Director Shaun Escayg added. "They're opposites. Chloe is spontaneous and impulsive, where Nadine is by the book, structured. That made for a good pairing."

"Both of them are in positions they aren't used to being in," Game Director Kurt Margenau chipped in. "Chloe, in terms of taking charge. Nadine, who is used to running the show, is now the hired gun. They're both figuring it out as they go."

Margenau also said that, in regards to level design, Lost Legacy features the biggest ever area for a game in the series. "It's got a bigger, more organic feel, with more player choice." But how will you be fighting in this setting? "There are entire combat setups that you can skip, go around, or approach from any direction," Margenau explained. "It's got a bigger, more organic feel, with more player choice and more stealth options."

Lastly, Naughty Dog were asked about a Nathan Drake cameo. "We entertained a few possible ideas around including Nate as a secondary character," Scherr explained. "But everything we did felt superfluous because we tied it all up with Uncharted 4." Margenau, however, said it more plainly: "We're not going to touch on Nathan Drake in this, at all."

Are Nadine and Chloe a good pairing?

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End