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Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata lacks the budget for meaningful DLC

Director Yoko Taro revealed the news at PAX East.


Nier: Automata finally released earlier this month to rave reviews from critics. The game is developed by Platinum Games, who is known to make solid and financially viable games, but it seems the developer is feeling the budget restrictions with Nier: Automata.

During a new Q&A at PAX East, which has since been published on the game's official Facebook page, director Yoko Taro revealed that while publisher Square Enix has shown interest in "meaningful" DLC, the developer lacks the manpower and budget to create it.

"We don't have enough manpower or budget to create that type of content. Ideally, of course if we could do something, it would be great. But that said, when we see DLCs these days, a lot of people envision something that's quite robust like story DLCs from Witcher 3. But unfortunately, Nier doesn't have the budget to do so. I just hope everyone doesn't anticipate too much from the DLC content if we end up doing some," Taro said via a translator.

Would you buy a large story expansion for Nier: Automata?

Nier: Automata