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Final Fantasy XV

There's a new trailer for FFXV's Episode Gladiolus DLC

A brand new combat system is featured.

As you might have expected, Square Enix was in attendance for PAX East 2017 this past weekend in Boston, and with the release of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC (centered around Gladiolus) being imminent, it wasn't too surprising that they had new information to release. This came in the form of a new trailer that revealed some elements of the story as well as a brand new combat system adapted to the solitary quest of the young "King's Shield".

In the video below you can see the new gameplay elements, such as the blue bar that represents Gladiolus' guard capability, or the yellow bar that fills up according to the blows inflicted to the opponents, which, once full, triggers a special attack.

The DLC is due for release on March 28. Did you expect there to be new combat mechanics as well as a new story?

Final Fantasy XV