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Thor: Ragnarök will destroy fans' idea of Thor

Taika Waititi wants to rebuild a fresh idea.

Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) has only been involved with pretty far-out comedies in his entire career, something that makes for a weird dynamic when he is now directing and putting together the third Thor film, called Ragnarök. Luckily for him, Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige seems to have given the director free reigns to do pretty much what ever he wants to with the character and the world, which Taika Waititi seem to have embraced fully.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly he talks about how he looks at this film as the very first Thor film (even though it is the third one) and that he is purpously destroying the fans' idea of who Thor as a hero really is.

"A lot of what we're doing with the film is, in a way, kind of dismantling and destroying the old idea and rebuilding it in a new way that's fresh. Everyone's got a slightly new take on their characters, so in that way, it feels like this is the first Thor."

And yes, the picture below definitely shows us a very different take on Thor. But is this a good take?