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Injustice 2

DC collaboration for Injustice 2 was a "really good partnership"

Ed Boon talked about how Netherrealm worked with DC throughout.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

When we talked with legendary game designer Ed Boon at Netherrealm's Studios in Chicago recently about upcoming game Injustice 2, we asked about the relationship with DC, and Injustice obviously uses their heroes, and here's how Boon responded:

"DC was collaborators with us," he explained, "throughout the entire process of designing the game, conceptualising the characters, coming up with directions for the story - they've been a great collaborator with us and are just as excited about the game. We send them builds and they play it and we get all this great feedback and stuff, so it's been a really good partnership with them."

Does the DC universe have the richest selection of heroes and villains?

Injustice 2