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Final Fantasy XV

Tabata and Nvidia show Final Fantasy XV PC tech demo at GDC

Could a PC version actually be on its way?

Hajime Tabata said earlier this year that, if Final Fantasy XV make it to PC, it would not be a simple port from home consoles, it would be a ground breaking game in visuals. What he didn't said is that there were a few Square Enix developers working with Nvidia on a tech demo.

Tabata was in attendance at GDC 2017 teaming up with Nvidia on a panel about the new and extremely powerful GTX 1080 Ti. The FFXV director showed up with a "tech test" for PC developed with the Gameworks technology. Square Enix is clearly pushing the boundaris of their Luminous Studio Pro engine.

In the video, Noctis and his friends run through a rendered field with 100 million of grass blades reacting to them, reports PC GamesN. It also demonstrate the new fluids and fur dynamics. Tabata said: "the latest technology that Nvidia offers enables us as game developers to create the possibility which is not simply about an evolution in visual appearance, but also to create new user experiences and greater emotional depth for players".

Does it means that Final Fantasy XV is finally coming to PC? "No comment", said the Japanese developer. But at least we can see that there is some interest and that some work is being done.

Final Fantasy XV