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Gamereactor UK

Here's a transforming Ditto Pokémon plush

Cute, or creepy?

Pokémon plush toys are actually old hat, but this time the "Pokémon Center" has inserted an unexpected twist to it: they have used a Ditto to recreate those monsters.

The pink pouch Pokémon with the number #132 (national Pokédex) possesses the gift to metamorph, which allows Ditto to turn into any other Pokémon. The Ditto always keeps its own expression, which is why the plush toys look so strange. Many well-known pocket monsters have received a Ditto rework, including the basic forms of the first-generation starter Pokémon, Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow, the Fairy Pokemon Clefairy and Eevee plus their oldest evolutions, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Oh and the creepy Gengar has also received facelift and looks at us with pointy eyes now.

You can look at the creatures over here. Do you think the facial expressions are cute or creepy?