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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV: all the details on the Spring 2017 pdate

Take a look at all the content we'll find in FFXV this spring.

Square Enix has released a new trailer that offers a quick overview on the content that we'll soon find in Final Fantasy XV. Here we can get a taste of some gameplay from the Booster Pack (which will land by the end of the month) and Episode Gladiolus, which is coming in March.

The Booster Pack was initially expected for February 21, but it seems the design of Exosuit's Magitek was deemed too similar to the Power Rangers ones, so the development team was obliged to re-design them, resulting in a delay in the release. The Gladiolus episode will instead be available on March 28, before the Prompto episode, which is expected in June.

Below, you can take a look at the trailer with all the content coming this Spring on PS4 and Xbox One. Is this extra content enough to convince you to come back to it, if you've already finished it?