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Final Fantasy XV

RotTR and FFXV mean a good year for Square Enix sales

It's bad news for MMOs though.

According to, Final Fantasy XV and the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider have been great commercial successes for Square Enix.

In terms of Square Enix' games revenue, this has increased by over 30% across a nine month period ending at the conclusion of December, and the Digital Entertainment revenue was 146 billion yen, an increase of 33% year on year. Operating income, however, is down 5.8% compared to the previous year.

The key products for last year were Rise of the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy XV, unsurprisingly, which no doubt helped console games earn more revenue and operating income for them compared to the previous year. Mobile and browser games also did just as well, but MMO did not, as net sales and operating income were down.

Square Enix also saw an increase in unit sales in every key territory such as Europe and the US, selling 20.8 million units between April and December last year, an increase from 10.56 million the year prior. Will there be a similar increase this year, or will 2017's title not carry the same weight?

Final Fantasy XV