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Just Cause 3

Go kart racing introduced to Just Cause 3 via a mod

Rico is tired of big explosions and fast cars.

Every since Just Cause 3 got official mod support on PC last year, players have made some incredible tweaks and fun iterations to the game. Bigger explosions, better graphics, incredibly strong grappling hooks, and more have all arrived, and there are also a few that took us by surprise.

This includes the new karting racing mod that Avalanche Studios has highlighted on their Twitter account:

"Anyone for a game of 'Mario's Kart'? - if you have JC3 on PC you could be joining in the fun of the fan made @justcause3_mp mod"

Just Cause 3

For some reason we doubt that most karts will make it to the very end of the race... just call it a hunch. Have you come across any interesting mods for the game?