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Shovel Knight

1.5 million copies of Shovel Knight sold

The initial goal was surpassed by quite a lot.

We were just as happy as anyone else when Yacht Club announced a sequel to the masterpiece Shovel Knight. Or should we say prequel, because Specter of Torment actually takes place before the original game. Since it's free for all of those who has the original game it is more like DLC, though, while also being standalone like a separate game.

Anyway, in an interview with US Gamer, Yacht Club Games revealed that Shovel Knight has now sold more than 1.5 million games. This is of course as impressive as it is deserved, and it's also worth mentioning that the goal in terms of sales back in 2014 was 150,000.

We recently got to play the Specter of Torment prequel, and you can check out some juicy gameplay below. Are you surprised Shovel Knight has sold this much?

Shovel Knight