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Mass Effect 2

50% of players finish Mass Effect 2

And only half import ME1 saves

BioWare have dumped a bunch of interesting Mass Effect 2 player stats, revealing that only half of their players actually finished the game. Furthermore, half of players didn't import a Mass Effect 1 save game, and 15% of conversations were skipped. Also revealed was that the soldier class was more popular than every other class combined. The information will be used when designing future games, BioWare told IGN.

"The only data that we get are in terms of events -- little things that happen in the game," claims the series executive producer, Casey Hudson. "Let's say if we want to know whether players skip lines of dialogue, we can have that become a little event that gets sent up. It's all completely anonymous, so all we get is raw numbers for how many times these kinds of events occur. Then we can start getting ratios and comparing proportions and things like that. It becomes this mass of numbers, and then we have to try to figure out how we would interpret that."