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DMC Devil May Cry

Western Devil May Cry 5

Inafune makes first DMC5 comments

It's not quite an official announcement, but when Capcom's Keiji Inafune was interviewed by 3D Juegos he commented on Devil May Cry 5 for the first time, and thus he confirmed the existence of the title (as if there was any doubt).

According to Inafune the series has loyal fans, but that there aren't enough of them. Therefore Devil May Cry 5 will be more adapted to the tastes of Western audiences to appeal to British and American gamers in particular.

He did not let out any more information than that, but it was been rumoured that Ninja Theory (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword) have been tasked with developing Devil May Cry 5. A rumour the studio has refused to comment on. It's possible we will learn more at Tokyo Game Show.

DMC Devil May Cry