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Mega Man Legacy Collection

There's a Mega Man card game on Kickstarter

Mega Man Pixel Tactics is funded, too.

If you like Mega Man and really miss new games in the series, Kickstarter has something that might ease the pain. It's a card game based on the Mega Man universe called Mega Man Pixel Tactics, with more than 50 characters for two players. According to the developers, one game takes about 30 minutes.

There is one Mega Man box and One Proto Man box and each of them is enough to play with, but by getting both you'll have more cards to choose from though. As usual, there are several options to choose from, whether you'd only like one of these boxes or the whole shabang, with printed tin boxes, promo cards and a playing mat.

Head this way to take a look at the game and the stretch goals. Mega Man Pixel Tactics is already funded, so should hopefully be released. Which games would you like to see turned into card games?

Mega Man Legacy Collection
Mega Man Legacy Collection