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Creepy Mario pic makes for lots of funny interpretations

Curtain jerking Mario is a thing now.

Major product reveals tend to be teased with rather generic and boring imagery. Corporate stuff. Not so when Nintendo revealed that the NX would get its first trailer today.

This refreshingly camp picture of Mario pulling a curtain (was it really shot in a bathroom), was naturally a big ol' sign for the internet to go nuts. And the internet has delivered.

Over on NeoGAF, someone had the brilliant idea of combining today's two hotly anticipated reveals, that of NX and that of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Predictably, the old plumber was put into the most famous shower curtain scene of all times (by Il_Paradroide):

Sadly there's no hashtag and most of the funny takes have been posted with simple #NX or #NintendoNX hashtags. A few use #CreepyMario.

AllGamesDelta posted a template for those who want to make something fun of their own.

There are some varying degrees of skills out there, but Kotaku has compiled a few more, that may or may not amuse.