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Persona 5

Persona 5's English voice cast and gameplay revealed

The announcer from Super Smash Bros, Lin from Xenoblade Chronicles X, and many more.

The English version of Persona 5 is set to launch on February 14, so we got plenty of time to learn more about the newly announced voice cast.

Atlus has revealed that they're going to release videos introducing us to each cast member, as well as interviews with each actor/actress. First up is the Protagonist, voiced by Xander Mobus. You might know him as the announcer in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Christo in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

We'll be introduced to the following cast over the next few months:

• Cassandra Morris as Morgana
• Max Mittelman as Ryuji Sakamoto
• Erika Harlacher as Ann Takamaki
• Matt Mercer as Yusuke Kitagawa
• Cherami Leigh as Makoto Niijima
• Erica Lindbeck as Futaba Sakura
• Xanthe Huynh as Haru Okumura
• Robbie Daymond as Goro Akechi

How do you like the sound (sorry) of this?

It has also been revealed that the game will be given a "M for Mature" rating in North America, which typically corresponds to a PEGI rating of 16.

Persona 5