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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV's art director leaves Square Enix

Yusuke Naora spent 24 years in the company.


One of the oldest artists from the Final Fantasy series (and other Square Enix games) has announced that he has left the Japanese company after 24 years of employment. Yusuke Naora took over as art director on several titles, including all Final Fantasy games since VI. He also worked on Front Mission 4, The Last Remnant, and Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, among others.

Yusuke Naora was also the art director working on Final Fantasy XV, and on his last day at the company he was allowed to see the ending of the game, courtesy of director Hajime Tabata. Although Naora has left the company, he will continue to work on some Square Enix projects, but now as an independent. This way he can return to his the family and devote himself to other projects, as he confirmed via his twitter account.

Final Fantasy XV

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