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We go hands-on with Gonner and talk to Raw Fury

Charming shooter from Art in Heart was playable during E3.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

At The MIX this year at E3 we tried a new set up at times where Dóri played a game while Bengt interviewed a developer, or in this case a publisher - Raw Fury's Gordon van Dyke.

The game in question is Gonner - a rather cute (maybe not the right word) shooter that offers a unique art style along with some neat old school mechanics and interesting risk/reward design.

The conversation revolved around the game itself as well as the new publisher's agenda that has been influenced by how its founders want game development and the developer/publisher relationship to be like.

Gordon van Dyke has previously worked at numerous developers and publishers during his career including DICE, Visceral Games, and Paradox Interactive.