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Halo Wars 2

New character details revealed in latest Halo Wars 2 trailer

Learn about the new AI and a villain not seen before.

  • Text: Matthew Dixon

It was announced a year ago, and then we got a confirmed February release date for Halo Wars 2 at E3 this year. Now a new trailer has dropped explaining more story and giving characters briefly seen a bit more backstory.

The trailer is more of a featurette, with the developers giving us some insight into what we can expect. We learn about the new AI, Isabelle. They describe her as nothing like the other Halo AIs, with Isabelle a logistics AI, who is scarred by war and shaken up by what's going on.

We get a better look at the villain Atriox, who is summed up thus: "What if one Brute was not only stronger than the others but also incredibly intelligent?"

The story is also outlined too, but this is sure to be expanded on and fleshed out once we get closer to the release date on February 21. Keep you eyes peeled for the open beta nearer to launch. Halo Wars 2 is heading to Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.