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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 to be more esports friendly with future updates

Peter Moore teases EA "will continue to refresh that game over the coming years".


We sat down with EA's Chief Competitive Officer Peter Moore at Gamelab 2016 to talk about all things esports and competitive gaming: passion, reach, engagement, live events, EA's own plans, services and strategy... One thing we wanted to know more about is how FIFA and Battlefield are being considered regarding the competitive scene.

Around the nine minute-mark we ask EA's CCO whether Battlefield 1 will be more esports-ready at launch, and whether EA is considering any sort of World League for it, as with FIFA or similar to what Activision is doing for Call of Duty. Moore teases announcements to come soon, but already confirms regular updates are planned to add more to the competitive aspect of the WW1 shooter:

"Battlefield 1 has esports in mind, but one of the great things about our Battlefield series is they last years, and I spoke on stage about millions of people still playing Battlefield 4, and BF4 could be at its best ever right now. With the modes we have in there... Look, we had a rocky start with Battlefield 4, but it's never been better and so many people enjoy playing some of the modes we have in there competitively.

"The thing you'll see with Battlefield 1 is, yes it will have stuff, but we will continue to refresh that game over the coming years with a view to how do we make it more competitive gaming-friendly. More to announce on that in the future, but that is the beauty of having online play - not only the fact you and I can play against each other if you're here in Spain and I'm in the US, but we can update the game, and we can deliver new content and new modes very quickly and very easily".

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Play the full interview for more on EA's competitive gaming vision and plans for the future.

Battlefield 1