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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Living World season 3 starts July 26

More story coming to Arenanet's MMORPG. We had a chat with the developers about the new content.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Arenanet have confirmed that Living World season 3 will kick off on July 26 in Guild Wars 2 with new content, and there will be new content every 2-3 months as part of season 3. In order to access the new content you'll need the Heart of Thorns expansion, as the story in Living Worlds season 3 continues on from there.

We caught up with Arenanet's Ross Beeley and Josh Davis at E3 to learn more about what's coming up in Guild Wars 2, both in terms of Living World Season 3 and new PvP content. You can check out the interview below.

There is also a trailer and some new assets that are to do with Living World season 3.

Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2

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