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Joe Danger 2: The Movie

If they hate it, we'll make changes

Hello Games on Joe Danger: The Movie.

Hello Games' Sean Murray gave us the full lowdown on Joe Danger: The Movie and the upcoming Joe Danger Touch for iOS devices at the Hello Games booth during Gamescom.

On Joe Danger: The Movie:

"The game is nearly finished, pretty much. This is our last chance so we take it to Gamescom and we show everything we've got and we show everyone we can. If they like it, then I guess we're really close to finishing. If they hate it then we'll go back and we'll make some changes."

On the experience of having the public try the game at Gamescom:

"Yesterday I was just sat on the sofa playing multiplayer with like a family. They didn't understand a word I said and I understood very little of what they were saying, but we were having fun. I think I was kind of their adopted son."

On Joe Danger Touch for iOS:

"It's like my pet project, basically. It's me and one other guy, and we've just been making this iPhone version of Joe Danger together. This is kind of our first time showing it off really."