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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained is "heading into full production"

Igarashi says key designs, concept arts and overall sandbox are much all locked in place.

We caught up with the man with the hat and the whip, Koji "IGA" Igarashi, who's new "IGA-vania" title Bloodstained is taking shape after its hugely successful Kickstarter last year. We talked to him about mechanics, the benefit of having fans involved and more.

"Oddly the thing that I was most surprised about [with the crowdfunding process] is that there are this many people out there that are willing to support a title like this," said Koji Igarashi. "If you think about it it's an old school title, a 2D side scrolling game, IGA-vania game if you will. But there were a ton of supporters that want this sort of gameplay and the reality is there's not a lot of these games out there, not like this at least. Just seeing that support, seeing that there's been years, and years, and years, and people still want to play these games felt great."


Where's development at now then?

"A lot of the key designs, concept arts, etc, like the overall sandbox of knowing what we need to do to create this game, all that information is pretty much locked in place. So we're heading to the full production, just mass asset creation cycle. I would say what you're seeing here [at E3] represents maybe 10 percent of the full game."

Igarashi also mentioned that while he is completely focused on making the game as good as possible, there has been interest from external parties in expanding the IP.

"On a daily basis I get a lot of different production companies, from movies to manga to anime, that approach me saying that this IP has a lot of potential. And so as any creator out there who has created a new IP ýou really want to expand it and see just how robust you can make it. So I constantly think of trying to partner with those sort of people to try and increase what the world of Bloodstained is."

Igarashi did confirm that they target is still to release the game in March next year.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night