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Sony's Jim Ryan on Neo reveal and PSVR launch

Sony will show Neo when they have the gaming applications to demonstarate what it is capable of.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Sony's European boss of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, during E3 to learn more of the company's plans for the future.

Why did Sony decide to confirm the existence of Neo, but not show it at E3?

"Two reasons, first of all, like I said, we need to keep these things to a manageable time," said Ryan. "We had all these games and we really wanted to focus on the games coming in 2016 and 2017 and beyond on PS4 and PlayStation VR. We didn't want to dilute it or distract it by hardware related announcements. But more importantly we feel it's important that when you make this sort of announcement that you don't just trod off a list of specifications and this and that, but that you actually demonstrate what a device like Neo is capable of. And when we have the gaming applications to do that, the we'll be ready and then we'll show it."

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You can of course read into that what you will, we certainly felt it was directed at Microsoft who announced Project Scorpio without showing what it's capable of. To keep the competitive fire going in the interview we then asked Ryan about Microsoft's comments about being able to do VR proper with Project Scorpio, something that certainly sounded like it took aim squarely at PSVR powered by PS4.

"My comment to that is go and check out PlayStation VR and join the 40 million people who already own the PlayStation 4 who will be able to enjoy a fantastic PlayStation VR experience. I've got absolutely no doubts about the quality of the VR experience that PlayStation VR offers to everybody that owns a PlayStation 4."

Needless to say there won't be 40 million PS4 owners at the launch of PSVR enjoying VR, but how will Sony be able to meet demand then?

"We have some pre-orders [numbers], but at the end of the day you never really know until you launch. It's all speculation and matching of supply to demand. What I can say is that production is going very well, it's entirely on track. We will have a proper PlayStation launch for PlayStation VR. We will, unlike other consoles, be launching in every major European market on the same day, October 13th, that we launch in Japan and North America. Very important for me to be able to do that. We will have significant amounts of inventory, we'll have inventory in stores, we'll have inventory to fulfill pre-orders. Whether that's enough, honestly I don't know, but it will be a proper PlayStation launch."

When we'll see Neo unveiled remains a mystery, but it could be as soon as Gamescom next month, or it may wait until Tokyo Game Show or PlayStation Experience later in the year.