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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games on Horizon: Zero Dawn's quest structure

"We run the entire gambit from the big picture to the individual," says lead quest designer David Ford.

We got a quick chat between sessions with lead quest designer David Ford from Guerrilla Games during E3 asking about the overall quest structure, robot ecology, and RPG systems found in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

"We do have main quests, we do have side quests," says Ford of the overall structure of the game. "We have a hierarchy where main quests are kind of global in terms of scope and it affects the whole world. And then we have another tier of quests that deal with the tribes themselves, and you can think of those as kind of operating at the national level.And then below that we have individual stories. You come across people who have personal problems, crisis in their lives, things that have gone wrong for them. Aloy is able to step into those situations and help them out in a very meaningful way. So we run the entire gambit from the big picture to the individual."

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Horizon: Zero Dawn