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Halo Wars 2

343's Ayoub on Halo Wars 2: "It's like we're one team"

We talked to 343 studio head about working with The Creative Assembly and bringing a strong narrative and villain to the table.

We had a chat with 343 Industries studio head Dan Ayoub about the sequel to the best selling console RTS of all time - Halo Wars. Narrative, Creative Assembly, and the PC community were subjects in this chat with studio head who's voice was already suffering as E3 was about to start proper.

"We have months of development still to go. Bluntly, the beta's got warts," says Ayoub. "There is glitches. There is going to be tearing. There is going to be some issues. But I would much rather put it in the hands of people now, when we can react to it. We can make tuning changes. We can find out what people like, what they don't like."

On the collaboration between 343 Industries who manage the Halo franchise as a whole and The Creative Assembly (Total War series) Ayoubd said "it's like we're one team".

"It's obviously very different from the type of Total War games [The Creative Assembly] generally do," says Ayoub. "We had a great start with Halo Wars and we wanted to continue upon that success. The goal was really to create an action-RTS, so I mean that process was really about sitting down with them and saying 'hey guys, this is what we want to do', right. We want something that's very quick to action, great visuals, huge explosions, and really how do we make it an RTS for everyone? And we really just hashed it out, and we defined the game together. And what's beautiful about that is both teams feel incredible ownership about the title."

If you missed out on the Halo Wars 2 beta you can catch up on what it was all about with our impressions.

Halo Wars 2