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"Transforming to free-to-play"

Crytek CEO outlines future.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and director of creative development Rasmus Hoejengaard joins us to talk about the Hunter mode of Crysis 3 and the free-to-play future of the company.

On the future of the company:

"Essentially it's really about transforming into a free-to-play company. We are not done with Crysis 3 yet, we are working on Crysis 3, we have Homefront 2 in development, we Ryse in development, these package goods games our triple-A blockbuster productions we're going to deliver as good as we can. I have no doubt about that. And then the company will be a hundred percent focusing on free-to-play. And free-to-play again, it doesn't mean it might not be a free-to-play Ryse, there might be a free-to-play Crysis, all of this is possibility, I'm not ruling that out by any means. I'm just saying, and I'm not ruling out console free-to-play either. I'm just saying we want to be free-to-play everywhere and we will make it with our partners going forward as well," Yerli explains.

On Crysis 3's Hunter mode that was revealed during Gamescom:

"The Hunter multiplayer mode in Crysis is quite a bet. We're innovating something really cool here, we're building an asymmetric mode here that is quite an innovative take on the competitive multiplayer space. And we want to bet on a more singleplayer-esque multiplayer experience that singleplayer fans will feel at home quickly (in)," says Yerli.

"It's one of these game modes where almost regardless of the outcome you'll feel some amount of success even if you're not necessarily on the winning team. Because you go through so many different, like first of all the asymmetry - if you don't win when you start out as two that's fair game, you know. Cause you're 2 versus 14 and 2 versus 10. On the other hand if you don't win as an assault trooper and you switch, well then maybe you win there and if you don't win any of those, well then at least you played all aspects of that mode, which gives you a lot of fun," Hoejengaard fills in.