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Nintendo & conflict minerals

Company "ranks at the very bottom."

Nintendo has been highlighted as the being the worst offenders in a report on the trace and audit of conflict materials used in the manufacturing of consumer electronic products.

According to a report on CNN, it has been pointed out by Enough Project that the platform holder scores ZERO, after having "failed to make any known effort to trace or audit its supply chain, despite growing public awareness."

Conflict minerals are materials, such as gold and tin, that are mined in conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Enough Project ranks the 24 largest consumer electronic companies (such as Apple, Canon and Intel) based on how these multinationals "trace and audit their supply chains, as well as support industry-wide certification efforts."

According to the report: Intel, HP, Motorola Solutions, and Apple are all improving, whilst Canon, Nikon, Sharp, and HTC are not, and Nintendo are the worst culprits of all.