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Gran Turismo Sport

Yamauchi: Gran Turismo Sport is no "hardcore driving simulator"

GT Sports is a game for every sort of driver out there.

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi pointed out today that Gran Turismo Sport is "not marketed as being a hardcore driving simulator". This was confirmed in an interview with Gamereactor and selected journalists at the Nürburgring by the japanese developer. GT Sport should instead be a game for all kinds of drivers, and should give all interested players opportunities to express themself. There will be many winners in the game, not just who with the aid of a steering wheel are posting the record times in the sport mode, explained Yamauchi, but also other playing styles will to be catered to. There are supposed to be plenty of opportunities for players to choose a fitting game mode. GT Sport is "not only about aggressive driving" for the best times, but more than just that.

Gran Turismo Sport