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Kojima on why he's modelling his studio on Media Molecule

The Metal Gear creator to turn his back on Japan's macho culture.

As we told you earlier today, Hideo Kojima is currently laying down the foundations for his new studio, Kojima Productions, and has decided that 100 people is plenty as he looks to maintain an intimate working environment in which to make games.

Later on in the same interview, Kojima-san discussed a similar issue, but from a different angle, explaining how on his world tour of studios his eyes have been opened to the working practices of some great teams. He had particular praise for DICE, but it was Sony's first-party studio, Media Molecule, that he's looking to as a potential role-model for Kojima Productions.

"We aim to make a kind of small, intimate type of studio, and I felt like Media Molecule in London is quite similar to what I'm trying to make," the former Konami developer told us via his translator.

Kojima then went on to discuss how many Japanese studios have a macho culture, with middle-aged men handing orders down through the ranks (he likens it to the military). This is obviously not something he wants to replicate with his own endeavour.

"At Media Molecule... it looks like the kitchen is the most important part," he said, once again remarking on another studio's cooking facilities, "and there are quite many female people working too, so it's kind of a strange feeling."

The more balanced workforce clearly resonated with him, because he then mentioned it had a "very, very familiar feeling at the studio, and that is what I want to create."

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Media Molecule celebrating their tenth birthday earlier this year.