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NHL 17

EA Sports share vision for NHL 17

We'll learn more about the new game this summer, but the cover vote starts now.

EA Sports has issued a predictable buzz word fueled vision video for the next game in the long running NHL series. The new game is heading to PS4 and Xbox One (no PC version as far as we can tell at this point) and more information about the title is teased for this summer (we assume the Stanley Cup finals happening around the time of E3/EA Play makes for as good a time as any).

Here's EA's vision for NHL 17 in words:

"From making that clutch save, to battling for that critical inch in front of the net, our focus is to make sure we're improving gameplay in all three zones. Through deeper and more customisable experiences in our most popular modes, we're creating new experiences that add up to our biggest and most exciting hockey game to date. No matter if you're challenging a friend on the couch, or masterminding a team at the elite levels of competition, with NHL 17, you can shape your hockey legacy where it matters to you."

Additionally EA have launched the official cover vote to see who gets hit by the Madden curse during summer training and breaks a leg. Just kidding, though we wouldn't rule it out. The nominated players you can vote for are Connor McDavid, Jamie Benn, Alexander Barkov, Victor Hedman, Joe Pavelski, Anze Kopitar, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Jakub Voracek. Why these 8? Well, they each represent one of the 8 competing teams in this summer's World Cup. Interesting to see EA sidestepping some of the bigger names even if the players above are obviously stars in their own right.

NHL 17