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Gamereactor UK

Daily Highlights: Friday August 10

Delays, zombies and hack attacks.

The Wii U's global release may be delayed, according to reports. has been the victim of a hacker attack.

Has The Last Guardian been cancelled? Sony has abandoned the trademark, so either way we'll know soon enough.

Irrational's Ken Levine has spoken out about the recent departures from the studio.

Sony's president has had something to say about the difficult time they're having with third party devs.

Also worth a look on the site is A DayZ in the Life, our recent adventures with the Arma 2 zombie mod that is taking over the world. And as we prepare for Gamescom, we take a look at what's going on during Europe's most important gaming event.

And for a week's worth of big stories, join Emily in the studio for GRTV News.

Is The Last Guardian no more?