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Horrors of War is Verdun's new free expansion

New map, squads, co-op and gore for WW1 shooter.

Just as they promised they would, M2H and Blackmill Games have released a new free expansion, Horrors of War, for their WW1 shooter, Verdun.

This new update features a new night map called Champagne, a new co-op mode called Defense Squads, American, German and Belgian troops, and many improvements, such as new animations, over 40 new weapons and gore.

You can learn more about the "Horrors of War" expansion in the launch trailer below. If, instead, you want to read our review of Verdun, head this way. M2H and Blackmill Games are also planning a livestream on Twitch, where they will show off this new update later today (Saturday March 26 at 8pm GMT / 9pm CET).