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The Turing Test

The Turing Test wants to know whether you're an AI or not

We talked to Bulkhead Interactive about the intriguing sci-fi puzzle-adventure.

The Turing Test was announced last week, and this week at GDC we were able to get a good look at the puzzling sci-fi adventure, as well as talk to one of its creators, Bulkhead Interactive's Joe Brammer.

During the interview Brammer showed off the game, as well as telling us a bit about the story and what players can expect.

"The Turing Test is a first-person puzzle game," the executive producer told us before adding that it has, "a bit of adventure in there. Effectively you have to do the Turing test and discover if you're an AI or not, who is, who isn't."

"The way you discover the story is by completing these human interaction tests, which are effectively puzzles, but as you go through the game you have to decipher everything from like voice over, a conversation between you, Ava, you're a female astronaut, and Tom who's the AI of the spaceship, and the International Space Agency.

"So as you go through the game and complete these human interaction tests you'll come across certain rooms, like maybe a crew member's bedroom, and you'll be able to look at everything in that room."

Brammer explains how players will be able to interact with environments like you can in Gone Home. Apparently there'll be a moral decision that the narrative hangs on, and there'll be audiologs to flesh out the story.

The studio sounds confident, about the story and also the puzzle element. Brammer compared the game to the studio's previous title, Pneuma: Breath of Life. Like their previous work, this game is heading to Xbox One (plus it's launching on Windows 10 and Steam), where it is expected to land in August of this year as part of a timed-exclusive deal.

The Turing TestThe Turing TestThe Turing Test