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Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel announced, on console and PC this summer

QWOP meets Monkey Island.

  • Text: Sammy Cooper

A new comedy physics adventure from indie publisher Curve Digital and developer Perfectly ParaNormal, has today been announced.

In Manual Samuel, the player must assume control of the titular hero as you go about your daily business, but you must control everything he does, including breathing in and out and moving each leg individually (and even going for a wee).

The press release describes it as if QWOP and Monkey Island were mashed together, and it also says that "operating everything manually takes real skill, and the situations players will find themselves in will differ hugely."

The story of Manual Samuel is that after being hit by a car and put before Death himself, he was given two options: to be tortured for eternity in hell or to live out the next 24 hours completely manually. Players then control Manual Samuel in the hours that follow, and will have to go through the aforementioned duties throughout this day.

Simon Bryon, the publishing director at Curve Digital, said that he "fell in love with Manual Samuel the moment I saw it. It's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, brimming with unique touches, gleeful one-liners, hysterical set pieces and even song and dance numbers."

Manual Samuel will be releasing sometime this summer for consoles and PC - you can check out the trailer below.