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Total War: Rome II

Spielberg-esque drama in Rome II

Total War: Saving Legionary Ryanus?

The Creative Assembly's Rob Bartholomew has recently spoken up about the studio's desire to make their next game, Total War: Rome II, more dramatic than ever before.

The example cited is Saving Private Ryan, a comparison mentioned by fans and behind closed doors at the studio. Bartholomew told MCV: "We've got naval battle and land battles interacting for the first time, so you can throw ships up beaches and have people 'Saving Private Ryan-ing' it up the beach."

"When I say Saving Private Ryan, that's a phrase we're using around the office a lot because we're trying to inject that real feeling of horrific warfare so that the loss of your troops is going to affect you more deeply this time around. We're putting more personality into the troops that you'll send marching off across the battlefield by using facial motion capture and giving more resources to animation."

He finished by saying: "We want to create that level of human strife, drama and character on a very macro-scale amongst these gigantic battles at the same time."

Total War: Rome II